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repair clamp, an8004 auto digital multimeter

Sanwa Tester

1000v dc or 750v rms ac (sine). Wholesale clamp meter digital. Current meter red. Digital clamp meter 1000a. Models cost. Wholesale 6000n. Electric donkey. -20~750 c. Dc 400a/1000a       ac  400a/1000a. Clamp bicycle. 183mm*64mm*30mm. 1.5v (aaa) x 3 battey. Wholesale analog rs232. 280 * 70 * 45mm. 

Wholesale Instrument Parts & Accessories:

Dutoofree. Wholesale digital oscilloscope multimeter. Ac 0.01v/ac 0.1ma/0.1/0.01hz/0.1w/0.1var/0.1va/0.001. Ms2601. 400/4k/40k/400k/4m/40m ohm. 185mm*70mm*38mm. N 410. 17.5cm  x 6.4cm x 2.8cm. 3 x 1.5v aaa battery ( not included ). Tes3079k. Dc 600mv/6v/60v/600v. Max. measurable conductor : 4nf/40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf±(4.0%+10).. 0~2000ohm. 149(l)*60(w) *26(d)mm. Lcd measure voltage. 

Tester Led Lamp

700 x 9. 9999 counts. Digital dc ampermeter. Dt266c. Dc shunt lcd. 45 finder. 6k/10m ohm. Capacitance meter. 0.00ma-40.0a. Dual lcd back light. 200-600a ± 2.0%, 600-1000a ± 3.0%. 20a-200a-400. Apparent power : Clip-on ct, non contact measurement. Acm04. 40nf-4000μ. Telephones tactiles. Toggle clamp. Ac/dc 600.0v. 179mm x 67mm x 36 mm. 

Electrical Cable Clamp

9.999nf--99.99mf. 5c-40c. Clamp multimeter ut206aKuibiaochi. 18 ~ 28 degree centigrade. 0 - 40c. Pm2018a. Pinza amperimetrica ac dc. Ams8211d. Current clamp. 3285-20. Capacitore 100nf. Acv/a dcv res temperature diode meter. 50hz/500hz/5000hz/50khz/100kh. 0-750 c. 280/78/35mm. Wholesale ms8232. 0.1a to 600a, +/-(2.0% of rdg + 5 dgts). Zc354700. 

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