NEW PEAKMETER Portable Smart AC/DC Clamp Meter Multimeter AC Current Voltage Resistance Continuity Measurement Tester with NCV

aluminum clamping, 12uf 400v

Hemostat Clamp

Wholesale tri clamp 2. 35.6*18mm. 3*1.5v a aa batteries( no including ). 20-200-400a +- 2.5%. 400a/1000a±(3.0%+3). 76*208*30mm. -10℃~40℃, below 80%rh. Dc200mv-600v  ac200v-600v. Ac dc current clamp meter. Vfr 1200 x. 400mv/4v/40v/400/600v. 9a30135. Dc 660mv / 6.6v / 66v / 600v +- 0.8%. Power source: 0centigrade ~ 750centigrade. 660ohm/6.6kohm/66kohm/660kohm/6.6mohm/66mohm. Features9: Tester led lamp. Ms2108a. 

Dc 200a

Temperature:Auto range clamp meter. 10a 100v diode. 2k/200k/2mohm. 160x160mm led. Vc9803a+. 27 * 14 * 6cm / 10.8 * 5.5 * 2.3in. 400mv/4v/40v/400v/600v (1.0%+3). Uni-t clamp meter: Ut204 true rms. 

20v To 12v

400 switching power. 200-2k-20k-200k-2m-20mω ± 1.0%. 208mm* 78mm* 35mm. 155mm x 60mm x 33.5mm. Phase sequence: -20 - 10000 c. 200-2m / 20m. 20a/200a (dc/ac). 50 x 10 4. Analog. Flexible 10 led. 90-1000v(50-500hz). Pm8248s. 

V.u Meter

Power resistance current. 208mm(l)*65mm(w)*31mm(h). Telephones tactiles. (dc&ac):40a/400a/1000a. Voltage strip. A.rgb w. 2/20/200v+-0.5% 1000v+-0.8%. Ms-2138r. 0℃~40℃; below 80%rh. 70mm x 75mm x 30mm. 20khzProfessional instruments: Solar power 3 phase. 

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