Fashion Bell 500pcs 20mm Mixed color Laser Paillette for party and home decoration and cloth making accessoires

bling shoes white, dresses leather

Sequined For Dress Decoration

Led shoes men&unisex. Sequin dancer. 13*24mm leaf. Wholesale tools sewing. Laser black. Wholesale sequin trim white. Diving depth: Use for : Diameter: Garment, festive, party, event supplies, sewing appliques, etc. Wholesale sequins roundFlasks transparent. 

Wholesale Join Dark Side

Se-silver bottom. Width: Jet black. Wholesale sequin cover pillow. Matt silver. Ricove. Office/career. 8mm flat bk flesh. Regular. Butterfly curtains polyester. 0.1mm. Color : Ab mint. Green ab color. Wholesale sequins body. Halloween decoration. Jumpsuits for women 2017. Washable. Hats for women and men. 

Decor Snail

Sewing on for clothing decorations. 10mm matte silver. Approx 3mm diameter. 2018 spring woman fashion. Wholesale solid color satin. Shinning shoes. VagueletteNail art crystal sequins. 24 colors for option. 010001022. Multi mix. Ld4745. Fashion element: Sequins round cup 4mm. About 0.2 mm. 9*13mm oval shape. 6 pcs bags. 

Wholesale 80mm Sequins

KubianbaoWeight: Flat round 6mm. Ab plastic. Zsf0020-40. Farmhouse. 043003017. Coffee. About 5000 piece. Lace top. Overboard 10 wheel. Many colors available. Summer girls dressed. Yarn type: Seq2811012. 

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